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Thread: Reinforcement Brackets for Rear Bumpers

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    Reinforcement Brackets for Rear Bumpers

    During our weekly BMW Z8 Club board member telephone conference yesterday I have obtained the following clarification concerning distribution of rear bumper reinforcement brackets:

    1) Juergen Wunderlich had identified this potential soft spot of our cars while president of the Z8 Club. The Club then authorized the development and production of these brackets through its marketing and sales corporation.

    2) All BMW Z8 Club, e.V. International members in good standing in 2011 received one bracket per membership as the club's 2011 Christmas gift.

    3) There is a still to be inventoried number of brackets available for sale to members of the club who joined after 12/31/2011. The price is Euro 135 plus shipping.

    4) Hands up anybody, who was a member in 2011 and for some reason did not receive the bracket. I had a few shipped to my business in Dallas and will be glad to send it at no cost upon verification.

    Happy motoring!

    Christian Schmidt
    Public Relations
    BMW Z8 Club, e.V. International
    2001 Z8

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    Very nice!

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    Very nice! This explains the disappearance of the bracket out of the online shop
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