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Thread: Once again, Bill Stuart is the best!!!

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    Once again, Bill Stuart is the best!!!

    I can't get into specifics, but in the course of running my business I had a very high profile customer with a complaint on his wife's BMW and he was unfairly putting extreme pressure on me to solve his issue very quickly. I sent Bill Stuart an email and four days later the problem was solved. I owe him a great debt of gratitude and I did thank him by email be he personally called me on Friday to tell me the problem was solved and he thanked me for bringing it to his attention!!! What an amazing guy and again, a true asset to BMW.

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    That really is good to hear, makes such a difference when there is someone who is in our corner at a corporation.
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    Yes, Bill greatest

    Marty, that was my past experience as well. I even mentioned Bill's name recently while working with my local BMW dealership and they knew and spoke very highly of Bill.
    It's wonderful to have such a dedicated and effective advocate.
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    Bill is a great guy! Glad it worked out.

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    Bill Stuart Rules

    He has always been the best and most professional BMW exec ever. Why doesn't he just run the company?

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    Bill has been very responsive and helpful to me over the years, most recently in dealing with the dead radio issue. The compliments given him are well deserved.