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Thread: High Mileage S62 Motors on the E39 Board!

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    High Mileage S62 Motors on the E39 Board!

    This is some great reading! It is great to see these very high mileage cars, many with just minimal maintenance over the years. Speaks highly of our powerplant and certainly makes me feel less stressed as my miles are growing (even though not at the same pace as before).
    Skip Hammerman

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    That's very cool, just keep taking the best care of them and they'll outlive all of us!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Sadly, even moderately high mileage (50k miles) such as on this black/black example that failed to sell on BAT today can seriously depress values.

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    Seemed like a nice example but there have been rather a lot showing up on BAT lately. Anyway, they're not making any more and I'm not selling mine in this lifetime.

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    Agreed. BAT followers may well be suffering from Z8 overexposure. On the positive side, if they get cheap enough perhaps we will all resume driving them with a care-free, "who gives a damn about miles" attitude. (Satch excluded, of course!)

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    Agreed. Too many listings on BaT. 4-5 a year would have been better IMO.
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