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Thread: WTB: Hardtop and oem battery charger with pouch

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    Question WTB: Hardtop and oem battery charger with pouch

    Hello fellow z8 owners;

    I am a newbie, so be nice. I am looking for a hardtop for my new acquisition. I could also use a battery charger with the oem pouch. Can anyone help give me an idea of what a reasonable price is to Pay for these items? Does anyone have or know of anyone who has either of these items and is willing to sell them at a reasonable price. I am patient. I am in this for the long haul and will educate myself as I go. Your support is most appreciated. MK

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    Congratulations on your new car and welcome to the forum. I think you will find people here to be very knowledgeable about these cars and happy to share that knowledge. If you look on EBAY, there is a hardtop currently listed for $10,000.00, but realistically I believe you can do much, much better than that if you are willing to be patient. Being that 100% of Z8s came with the color-matched hardtop, there is not a huge market for them. Plus, they take up a fair amount of space, so anyone who finds themselves with an orphaned Z8 hardtop probably would love to get it out of their garage. I would guess that $1,000 - $1,500 would be a fair price for one in good condition, a couple of years ago I saw one listed locally to me for $1,200.00 and I am certain they were negotiable on that price. Of course, most of them are going to be either silver or black, so you may be looking at getting it resprayed if your car isn't one of those colors. As to the battery charger, EBAY is your friend here. Good luck!

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    Hi MK,Do not worry. You'll find us to be an exceptional nice group of folk. May be partially that we remember when we started posting here. Welcome. Wishing you many years of enjoyment with your special car. With best wishes, Ted. p.s. I don't have any info for what you seek, but there are others here who will lead you in the right direction if they know.

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    I think the days are over that you find a (second Hand) Z8 Part for a give away price. Currently the hardtop prices in Europe are 7000+ euro while the List Price is 10500 unpainted.
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    $10,500 list? Compared to a $1700 boot/cover, that seems reasonable.
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    I'd definitely set up a search on EBay as that's a great nationwide resource.
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    I have a silver hardtop for sale located in Anaheim, Ca price is obo

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    Kevin; I appreciate the offer. I found one a month or so ago. I still need an oem battery charger case if you have one.

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    I was perusing the ebay listings of Z8's. There's an original owner silver/black on consignment to a dealer ( Daniel Schmidt ). They have the vin number listed three times in the listing and each time the vin is is different. ( 61917, 61918, and the window sticker 62833).
    There's a picture posted of the accessories including the tool kit , manuals and THREE leather cases. One is the first aid kit. One is the battery charger. What is the third? Does anyone know who the seller is? The reason I ask is I have been looking for a battery charger case for ever and am exasperated. The third looks like an extra battery charger pouch and if it is I would like to contact the seller to see if he would sell it separately from the car. What do you all think? Does anyone know the seller. He is from Illinois. Beamon do you happen to know the owner?

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