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Thread: Thinking of Selling Black/Red 01

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    Thinking of Selling Black/Red 01

    Black/Red with 20,000 miles. I have done headlights, top, Dinan Stage 1 chip, Performance package. Excellent condition. Any thoughts on current value? I know that prices have softened somewhat. Thanks.

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    You might go to the Bring-A-Trailer website, do a search on BMW Z8, you will see the sales history of all Z8's sold on the site. My "off the top of my head" thought on value would be in the $135-$145k range, given the apparent softness in the market (not just for Z8's, incidentally).

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    Id think that given the comparatively low numbers of black/red compared the ever present silver/black on BaT, this car would fetch $165-$185. Now condition is another issue.
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