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Thread: 2003 Z8 (#62144) Silver/black '03 Z8 with only 413 miles - Sold -

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    2003 Z8 (#62144) Silver/black '03 Z8 with only 413 miles - Sold -

    It is rare that such a beast arrives in my inbox, but today a true collector's gem has become available.

    This 2003 Z8, #62144 in Titanium/Black has just 412 original miles

    This car is like new, and remains just was when originally delivered by the dealer, with most of the original delivery stickers still in place.

    It has the Z8 Book, hard top with stand and cover, all accessories (phone, CD, tonneau, wind deflector, manuals, etc.) and still smells like new.

    It has been stored since 2003 in a temperature and humidity controlled bubble, given regular exercise in a controlled environment (car is not registered and not street driven) and regular fluid changes to keep everything in as new working order.

    It even has its original tires, which have been resting on special rubber pads to prevent flat-spotting, and the original battery which has been kept on a battery tender its whole life and still works fine.

    A true time capsule Z8! If driven, new owner will experience what is was like to take delivery of a Z8 when they were brand new. If added to collection, this is the car that will be invited to attend the concours at Pebble Beach!

    A true time capsule Z8 is offered at $325,000
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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