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Thread: 2001 Z8 (#60703) Silver/Black with 29.8k miles - Sold - for $135,100 on open Ebay Auction

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    2001 Z8 (#60703) Silver/Black with 29.8k miles - Sold - for $135,100 on open Ebay Auction

    Here is the description: Excellent condition, non smokers car that has been pampered and driven less than 2000 miles per year and kept in a garage year round. The hard top has had the interior redone and is in perfect shape. I put a new Panasonic radio with Bluetooth in the car, but I still have the original radio. The small door dings and scratches have been removed and the paint is in great condition. Engine in excellent condition and serviced by BMW with records. No known mechanical problems and runs like a dream. I am the second owner, having bought it from the first owner in Dallas, Texas.

    This looked like a private Seller. Pics looked good, but hey, they are pics.

    Here is the link, but not sure how long it will be up.
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    That is an incredible deal - steal, bravo to the buyer!
    Andrew Macpherson

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