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Thread: 2000 Z8 (#60671) Black with Red/Black - Sold

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    2000 Z8 (#60671) Black with Red/Black - Sold

    Just found this one, no affiliations asking $124,000

    Take note of this dealers very bad score on EBay before buying, and I'd suggest only buying with a full independent inspection.

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    I saw this one too but the headlights look really really foggy and it says its a one owner when the auto check says its a 4 owner
    2003 Z8 Silver/Black AH62031 (Sold)

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    4 owners in 10 years is probably not too bad. Its not like it had 18 owners. The car looks dirty and the lights look foggy but given the rarity of these cars, I think those things can be rectified- washed and detailed and maybe replace the lights. The biggest issue to look out for is the frame and those pics don't show me proof on that. Theres no Performance Package, but its a FL car so there aren't too many potholes down there. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Carfax gets it wrong on number of owners often. For example, I moved from Maryland, to Kansas to Seattle and it treated each new DMV entry in another state as a new owner.

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    Florida Z8

    I have additional photos of this car as I was looking at it before Marty gave me the go ahead on another one. Its not perfect, no PP, run flats, and there are scraps and chips on the hood and fenders. The car is on ebay now with a 119k bid.

    let me know if you want more photos.