I got this very interesting proposal from John Grudynski at HyTech Exhaust Systems, who had initialy contacted me about developing a system for the Z8. I asked him what he needed, and this is his response. I think that the idea is very interesting for someone looking for a better sounding, power enhancing, and lighter exhaust.

Hello Andrew
To develop a full exhaust system for the Z8 I will need a car. Just to let you know we have worked on the most expensive cars in the world. i.e. McLaren F1 road cars, Lamborghini, etc, so we know how to take care of cars that are expensive. I am also insured for any damages that might occur while the cars are in my possession.

That aside, the rest is sort of easy, I need to see a car to determine what approach I want to take and how much room there is to do what we want. Once we determine what design we will use we simple build the prototype.

It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish. We will obviously dyno the car before and after to show how much power and torque we can gain. For the person who lets us use their car the exhaust will not cost anything. I am confident that we will make some significant gains along with a very nice sound.

All of the exhausts we build are stainless and the highest quality of welding and fabricating the industry has to offer. You can look at my web site at www.hytechexhaust.com to see what we do. If this is of any interest to you then we need to set up some time to meet. I believe you are in the LA area. My shop is in Irvine my phone is (949) 581-2181