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Thread: Hamann Exhaust System with Schrick cams

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    This system was installed by board member Claus in 2001, here are his thoughts, performance read outs and review of the system after 18 months.

    I have installed the Hamann performance kit and Schrick cams in my Z8. The change in performance is as follows:

    + Cams........380.........350

    Car runs and sounds great at sea level. Unfortunantely I live at 7000 feet elevation and the power loss is substantial. Adjustment were pretty much right on given my base run of 337HP; the equivalent of 396.5HP at the fly wheel.

    The HP gain is at the higher RPMs. The car revs much more freely and stronger up to red line. The TQ numbers are unchanged across the rpm band.

    Throttle response is scary, in particular flooring her at 80 mph in 4th...120 comes up so fast... so much fun. Idle is fine, although the car shakes a bit, you can feel the V8 doing its brute job, but I like that little side effect. Drivability is fine, except during warm up. The car runs a little rougher the first mile in the morning.

    I am happy with both upgrades, although Hamann is a lousy company. Their cats made the check engine light come on and their software is a piece of crap from Superchip that adjusts throttle sensetivity to the speed and rev limiter. Hamann sells it as a software package specially tuned for their performance kit. They are a bunch of response from them on the SES light, which I have taken care of in the meantime through another tuner.

    As for the performance of the cams...I was a little disappointed with the gain, even thought the car seemed a lot more agile. The exhaust, as well as the cams help the car to breathe better.

    I am still working on getting the software optimized which hopefully will give me some extra performance. At my elevation the air is this helps the car breathe, but doesn't have the same effect as it would have at sea level. I was so stunned by the car's performence at lower elevations. It feels so strong. I stopped in Atlanta and Murph from the M5 board drove the car. He was just amazed...said he's never driven anything that fast!
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