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Thread: New Street Standard for Z8 Brake Pads?

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    New Street Standard for Z8 Brake Pads?

    I think that most of us would agree that Dave Zeckenhausen from Zeckenhausen Racing is a guru on brakes for our cars. Before I asked Dana at Peter Pan to switch out my pads to Dave's previously recommended Axxis pads, I checked with Dave as to his current recommendations for higher performance pads balanced with minimal brake dust. He recommended the Centric Posi-Quiet pads. I have installed them and after a month of relatively vigorous driving (non-track), I notice no difference from OEM performance, but a radical difference in pad dust deposit. The best comparison that I can give is to say that mile for mile you will see the same amount of dust on your front wheels using the Centrics that you used to see on your rear wheels with the OEM pads.

    Here is specifically what Dave said:

    "If by "meets at least OEM requirements" you mean that the performance is at least the equal of the stock pads, then the answer is the Centric Posi-Quiet pads. These will dramatically reduce the amount of brake dust without also requiring an increase in pedal pressure to achieve the same braking force. While most Z8 owners purchase (and love) the Axxis Deluxe Plus pads, there is a reduction in cold bite and steady-state friction level. Although, if the Z8 owner has never bedded his/her stock brakes properly and then beds the Axxis Deluxe Plus pads, they usually report equivalent or better performance than stock. But that's not a fair apples-to-apples comparison. The stock brakes, in that case, were never able to function to their full potential.

    I still prefer the Posi-Quiet pads, due to their increased friction level and integrated anti-squeal shims. While I use Axxis Ultimate on all my cars, since I enjoy the performance improvement over stock, those are not low-dust pads, by any means. So Ultimate would not meet your requirements. That makes it a pretty easy choice for me."

    For bedding process, see:
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