BMW has revised its recommended lug bolt torques.

The specified torque for the Z8 is now 120 +/- 10 Nm (88.5 +/- 7.4 foot-pounds).

This is an increase for the Z8. Proper tightening of lug bolts is always done in a criss-cross or star pattern, never in a circle. Working your way up to the final torque in stages is also highly recommended to avoid warping the hubs/rotors (I use 80Nm -100Nm -120Nm). Finally, check the torque again after driving 30-40 miles.

The stock wheels on our Z8s are painted and then clear coated. They will scratch easily, especially around the lug bolt recesses when mounting/dismounting. Griot's Garage (800-345-5789) offers a very nice set of 1/2" impact sockets that have a plastic sleeve around the outside. This protects your wheels from scratches when your are installing/removing the lug bolts. Part # 77145 is a 3 piece set which contains the correct socket for the Z8. Price: $36.95 plus shipping. They also offer a very nice torque wrench if you need one.

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