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Thread: Has anyone tried HRE FF15 on their Z8

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    Has anyone tried HRE FF15 on their Z8

    Saw these wheels on a BMW forum. 20 x 9 front and 20 x10.5 rear will fit the Z8. They are not particularly expensive for a "forged" style of wheel and they have that classic spoke sort of look that might compliment the Z8. Any photoshop experts here?

    They appear relatively lightweight, according to HRE, for comparison purposes:

    For M2 fitment - FF15's
    19x9 - 21.80lbs
    19x10 - 22.40lbs

    OEM WEIGHTS (437M 19") 21.9lbs / 22.7lbs

    20x9 - 23.20lbs
    20x10 - 24.20lbs

    19x9 - 23.80lbs
    19x10 - 24.40lbs

    20x9 - 25.80lbs
    20x10 - 26.20lbs

    For HRE forged wheels HRE claims on the BMW forum in response to questions about forged wheels and weights:

    OEM Wheels are Forged so if you want Forged wheels, the P101's for example in an M2 fitment would be 20x9.5 - 20.40lbs, 20x10.5 - 21.40lbs (approximate weights).

    Or if you want even lighter, go with 19"s - 19x9.5 - 19.75lbs, 19x10.5 - 20.50lbs (approximate weights).