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Thread: Brembo Le Mans racing brakes for Cartridge

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    Brembo Le Mans racing brakes by Cartridge.

    New brakes for Alpina (or Z8 with 20" wheels)

    This kit was made to fit the Alpina Z8 with 20" wheels. The calipers are true Brembo billet race units with cross and gun drilled titanium pistons in lieu of high end street pieces. The disks are slotted and drilled and Cartridge built the special alloy, hard anodized bells and the properly Raychem covered lines with the titanium fittings. Additionally, Pagid was kind enough to produce high performance pads for this assembly. Finally, although not suggested for ordinary street or club race use, there is one set of calipers with titanium dry breaks instead of bleed screws.

    In short, improved performance, reduced weight and a bit of flash.

    Eight Titanium Piston Billet Machined Front Calipers
    Four Titanium Piston Billet Machined Rear Calipers
    Pistons Gun And Cross Drilled
    High Temperature Aluminum Disk Bells
    380 mm x 32 mm Front Disks
    345 mm x 28mm Rear Disks
    Lightweight Raychem Covered Stainless Steel Brakes Lines With Titanium Fittings
    Pagid High Performance Brake Pads