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Thread: Zaino versus Ultima Paint Guard Plus

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    Zaino versus Ultima Paint Guard Plus

    Years ago I think I was one of the first to discuss Zaino on the board. I still think its great but several weeks ago I found and read about the Ultima products. Well I'm an easy sell so I ordered some. Heck it has $$ back if not satisfied. You use about 1/4oz of product per vehicle, wipe it on and walk away. Thats right walk away with no buffing after applied. First I did one of the Vespas, then the Crossfire, then the Pacer. Needed to be comfortable prior to trying it on the 8. Last night it was applied to the Z8. Zaino may have met its match. Time will tell.
    I'll let you know how I feel as time goes on.

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    Thanks D. Please keep an eye on it and get back to us. Good luck, and see you soon.

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    I've tried the Zanio line. It lasts a long time which is great but I went back to carnuaba wax now on the Z8. I've tried a lot of products and right now my favorite is Pinnacle Souveran wax. I haven't noticed much of a difference between the paste and liquid (probably due to a light colored car). The Pinnacle Souveran paste is supposed to be very good for darker colored cars.

    Here's a link to the Pinnacle products...

    Durabilty is fair but since the car is not a daily driver, my emphasis is on maximum shine.

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    I have been using Ultima for about 6 months on my ML63 (I haven't put it on the Z8 yet). The shine and beading are still going strong. I too was skeptical but bought a sample kit and tried it. It's actually pretty impressive!