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Thread: Winter Storage...

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    Winter Storage...

    It is getting to that time of year for our northern owners, so I thought I'd share some of the wisdoms I learnt from Jürgen on long term winter storage.

    1. Do a full service and full fluid flush before storage. This removes all the dirty/water impregnatedd fluids from summer's driving. The clean fluids and oils will be free of any contaminents that could damage your motor while it sits.

    2. Fill you your gas tank, completely. Gas tanks can easily rust if there is air/vapour in them, but with all gas in there is no room for oxidizing vapours.

    3. Make sure that you leave a trickle charger attached to the battery, as this will keep the alarm system, the clock and the 'off' system alive all winter.

    4. Store with you doors, hood, trunk, and top all ajar, so there is no pressure on the rubber seals.

    5. If you can use a sealed cover that sits off the paint, like this one.

    6. Either overinflate your tires (~50psi) or use tire craddles or both to make sure your tires don't flat spot from the long sit.

    Anyone has any other good tips let me know and I'll add them in above.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Winter storage

    Regarding Item 2, I believe the Z8 has a plastic tank, so rust isn't an issues. Gasoline is a powerful reducing agent, so it doesn't oxidize anything. You can get water condensation as the air temperature decreases. This water can rust a steel tank and freeze in a fuel system.

    However, leaving your gas tank full, and adding a stabilizer is a very good idea.

    Gasoline is a mix of hydocarbons. Over time, the lower molecular weight hydrocarbons will evaporate relative to the higher molecular weight components. Since these lower molecular weight materials are generally better solvents, some of the impurities may come out as they evaporate, forming what is traditionally called "varnish", a brown, brittle film. This does a great job of plugging sediment screens fuel filters and injectors.

    Over time, all of the components in gasoline will reach a vapor/liquid equilibrium - whether or not the gas tank is full or almost empty. What changes with a full tank is that the air space is much small and much less evaporation takes place to avchieve equilibrium.

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    Winter Storage

    I noticed when I release the trunk pressure the interior trunk light comes on, will it go off after a period of time or is there a way to turn it off?


    Dave P
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    It goes off on its own after a few minutes. So does the under hood light in case you're curious.
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