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Thread: Winter Storage

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    Post Winter Storage

    The standard recommendation for long term storage is to put the car up on jack stands. This will prevent the tires from flat-spotting, which can be permanent. An alternative is to park the car on TireCradles (877-227-9090 I would also over inflate my tires by around 10psi.

    If you can, use a car bubble either like this one from Cal Car Covers or these ones from Carcoon.

    I have recieved a good set of recommendations from the Z8 Club regarding the best possible way to store your Z8 (or any other car for that matter).

    Have a complete service/oil change/fluid flush BEFORE storage. The seasons fluids will have some condensation in them, while the brand new fluids will be water free.

    Fill your gas tank before putting the car away so there is less chance for moisture to accumulate in the tank or lines.

    When you park up the car make sure to crack the hood, trunk, and doors, as this will increase the life of the rubber seals. Also close the soft-top all the way, but don't pull it tight to the screen, leave it almost shut.

    All that's left is to plug in your trickle charger, zip up your car-cover and say goodnight!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Hi Andrew,

    How about the battery, do you hook it up onto a charger for the winter season and if so, do you recommend a particular brand.

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    I use the BMW trickle charger which came with the car.

    I think that battery life is around 4 years or so for our cars, regardless of what we might try. They also seem prone to drain their charge quite quickly, thus even in summer i keep mine to the charger.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Interstate Batteries

    I couldn't get more than three years on any of my cars. I use Battery Tender Pluses on them and they are all stored in a climate controlled garage.

    So a couple of years ago when I lost the battery on the 996TT my mechanic replaced it with an Interstate. (It has always been my practice to take the Fiamms out of my Ferraris upon delivery and replace them with Interstates.)

    Discussing the problem with him he suggested I bring it back after 17 months and he would replace it under warranty. I now do that with all the cars.

    All that is required is a sympathetic mechanic and a tolerance for bending the warranty rules. Not for everybody I guess, but it works.
    Herb Summerfield

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    Airchamber vs Bubble

    Hi Andrew (and everyone),
    I live in a condominium & share the garage with aprox. 250 cars. This traffic creates a lot of dust, street residue (winter slush & salt) & soot that regular cloth or plastic car covers just cannot cope with. My car is always dusty, even though it is always covered.
    My Z8 deserves better, & I would love to save some elbow grease.
    I found this old post from 2002 & was wondering which type of airtight car protection system you prefer. Back then you used the 'airchamber'. But I thought I saw somewhere else on this website, much more recently, where you have a 'bubble' for your Z8. I was wondering which system you prefer, seeing as you have used both of them at one time or another.
    I have been able to find a 'carcoon' which seems to be similar the the 'bubble' in theory.
    For information, check out They recommend a size 4 for the Z8. It costs ?329 = 671 Canadian Dollars, $708 CDN delivered. This includes a battery charging system similar to the BMW trickle charger, except that when there is a power shortage, power is continuously supplied to the TC. Only 1 external electrical socket is required for the entire system to operate, which is an issue for me.
    Thank you, Andrew, for everything you have done & continue to do, & thank you to everyone who has contributed to this website, to make it the most informative Z8 resource for upgrades, mods, trouble-shooting, trips, etc . . . the list is endless. I cannot express my appreciation & enthusiasm for everything on this site & everyone who has contributed to it!
    2003 Z8 Midnight Blue (ext)/Arizona Sun (int)
    2001 330xi
    1989 325ix

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    I use the Cal Car Covers for my Z8...

    and I'm very happy with it - but it requires constant power to keep it inflated. The advantage with the Carcoon (which my Dad uses in the UK for his vintage Bentley) is that it can be hung from the ceiling. He unzips it, lifts the front up, and away he goes, while I always struggle to uncover the car with the deflating top, and it is usually best to have at least two of you to prevent anything from scratching your paint.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Midnight Blue and Arizona Sun?

    Evie, I don't believe I've ever seen that combination. Any photos?

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    Here are some pics . . . if it worked(?)

    The car, as am I, is Canadian:
    Midnight Blue (dark navy with a hint of deep purple in the right light)
    Arizona Sun (is this saddle?)
    I believe there were 6 sent to Can. in 2003, but have no clue worldwide. I tried to get more info from the dealer at time of purchase.
    To all Canadians: Happy Canada Day!
    To all Americans: Happy 4th of July!
    To everyone else: Have a great day!

    Evie from Montreal

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    Sorry the photos are humungous . .

    I have to learn how to size them,

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    Smile Evie, that is a really awesome color combo...

    and it is the first time I heard of this too - but while I was in Munich last year I did hear that BMW's Individual Dept had made a Carbon Black/Saddle Z8. The Carbon Black is a very metallic blue/black that is one of my favorite BMW colors. I couldn't tell from your shots if this car was metallic or not, but I really love your combo.

    I've added your color to this thread, and I also popped your pictures up, so please do vote in the poll, and also tell us more about your gorgeous car. We'll certainly need some great pix of it to put in the GALLERY too, so please get out to some great locations with your beauty and send us in some beautiful pictures.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    stunning combination

    What a great color combination-enjoy and thanks for the photos!

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    Nice !

    Congratulations from an ex - pat now living in the US. Beautiful car. Happy belated Canada Day.

    Dave P