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Thread: tip for rack storage in garage?

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    tip for rack storage in garage?

    I did a search but didn't find anything...apologies if I missed it. For winter storage, I was thinking about getting one of those lifts to raise the car up in my garage so I can park another one underneath. I've got 4 cars, but only a 2 car garage...was hoping to turn it into a 2.5 car garage since it has a high ceiling. Any tips?

    -Dawn Henry

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    I have never bought one....

    so I can't tell you from experience, but I have had these bookmarked for a while -
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    I had one put in by American Custom Lifts. Works really great and apox $3k installed with extra drip trays. Their office are out of San Diego and they have independent contractors install all over the country....good luck

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    Hi Dawn,
    I could not be happier with my Back Yard Buddy:

    When you order from them, or anyone, be sure to ask about installation because its usually not included and how are you, the homeowner, supposed to move lift parts that weigh a few hundred pounds around by yourself? BYB has a list of installers, the one I used was a guy named Mark Tulley out on Long Island at 516 248 1277. We had the lift delivered to him and he drove it up on his flat bed. He installs commercial lifts for a living.

    Also make sure your homeowners/ auto insurance covers the lift and the car just in case. Mine does so long as its not used for commercial use.

    How much vertical height do you have in your garage? Mine is almost 11' and you will want that. Just FYI. If you want, email me at [email protected] and I can send you pictures.

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    I have a "Stinger" lift...

    and it works great. I bought before the car. With 3 young kids and 2 dogs it's the best pseudo mod I've done. My ceilings are 10' and I can fit the M5 underneath. Get the long version for ~$2700. It is a four post model and I've often thought a single post would give better access especially in a 2 car garage like I have. My 2 cents Jonny