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Thread: Parts manual with labor times

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    Parts manual with labor times

    Here is a 14 page paper item that is available at eBay for less than $10. The price guide portion is probably outdated (easily supplemented by what we have available at, but provides labor times which will likely not change much. I think it is a nice piece to build out the literature on our cars.

    Here is the site:

    Here is the description:


    These sheets contain a vast amount of useful information about your vehicle including the factory (OEM/Dealer/Manufacturer) part numbers,prices, illustrated diagrams of parts, assemblies and labor times.

    This auction is for a set of sheets neatly removed from an expensive 'subscription only' master collision guide that is used by Body Shops, Insurance adjusters, Salavage yards, Aftermarket suppliers,etc.

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    Thanks Ted, I checked that listing, and it is the same PDF file that everyone can can download here for free from this page.

    This is the actual file, if you wouldn't mind downloading it to see it the prices have changed.
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    This is interesting. I checked the prices quickly and they were identical till I got down to the very last price on the first page. The downloadable version shows the hose price to be 0.00 , whereas my paper version shows the price to be 8.30. I checked the document versions and both are listed as eudn1_g01.
    Go figger'. Anyway, this is probably a better resource for installation times.