I have found that the louvered plastic panels which cover the release mechanisms for the rear of the hardtop tend to loosen up while driving. They have a spring clip at one end and 2 tapered shafts which are inserted into holes in the hardtop at the other end.

The problem stems from the loose fit of the shafts in the holes. A fairly simple solution is to purchase some heat-shrink tubing, cut pieces to fit over the shafts, put a small amount of superglue gel(not regular liquid type) on the vanes of the shafts, slide the heat-shrink tubing down over the shafts, wipe off the excess superglue gel, apply heat from a hairdryer to shrink the tubing, reinstall in the hardtop.

Try to find the clear heat-shrink tubing since it tends to be thicker than the more commonly available black. The superglue gel is necessary to keep the tubing from coming loose and staying behind in the holes in the hardtop. On my Z8, this modification provides a nice and snug fit. If you find that your plastic panels are still too loose, you can add another layer of heat-shrink to the shafts to tighten the fit. Make sure you use some superglue gel to insure that the heat-shrink doesn't come off.

Another option is to remove the heat-shrink from the shafts and use pieces of the clear, flexible plastic tubing available at most hardware stores. This is slightly thicker than heat-shrink and should provide a very snug fit. You may have to soften the tubing to get it to slide over the shafts (a hairdryer works well) and be sure to use some superglue gel to keep it from pulling off. Do be careful when pushing any of these tubes down over the shafts that you don't push too hard or you will break the shafts.

Grease Monkey (originally posted on roadfly)