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Thread: Gas lift rear deck lid

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    Gas lift rear deck lid

    Is there anyone who knows of a company that will recharge the gas struts for the trunk to remain open or do you have to buy full replacement parts.

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    Thats a great question. I wish I knew someone who could repair them.

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    I'll need a new set soon, tired of keeping one hand on the trunck lid because it won't stay open on its own. Everyones car should start to experience the same problem soon...maybe its time to look at a group buy.

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    They are cheap and easy to replace. You can do it yourself. There is a thread in the forum explaining how to do it. Took me less than ten minutes start to finish.

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    Price is about 60 USD a piece for the OEM
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    10 minute fix and inexpensive, should've done it months ago...thanks Marty.

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