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Thread: Compartment Door Popped Off

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    Compartment Door Popped Off


    I opened the forward compartment of my driver's-side trim panel pocket to stow my garage door opener, and wound up holding its door in my hand.

    The door appeared to be fastened with glue which simply failed over time.

    Has this happened to anyone else (I did a search and came up empty)? If so, could you please recommend a suitable glue/cement?

    Would much prefer this fix to replacing the entire trim panel pocket as suggested by parts diagrams.

    Thanks in advance. Go Canucks.

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    Good timing. My rear one popped off last weekend. I stuck it back on with some household glue and clamped it for a day. Holding up fine.

    Titanium '01

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    Me too, just a touch or two of Gorilla Glue

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    Interesting, same exact thing happened to me just a few days ago. Adhesive failing at about the same time?

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    I love me some Gorilla Glue, but it might be a bit overkill. I can't think of great reason other than "just because", but using and adhesive that can be easily removed later might be a good option. It seems like I recall 3M having some good trim adhesives that are tolerant to heat and vibration but are removable if needed.