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Thread: Which Coating For Anti Roll Bars?

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    Which Coating For Anti Roll Bars?

    Attached are three pictures of anti roll bars, albeit not for a Z8, coated with electroless nickel. One was shot peened before coating and the other was shot peened and beed blasted giving the more dull finish. Which do you prefer for the Z8?

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    not beaded please....

    even though the part is hidden from normal view I just think it looks more in keeping with the brightwork in the cabin etc with the more polished surface.
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    I agree with Andrew that the non-beeded will fit nicely, but I would question how the polished surface would stand up to wear and tear down there. Would a beeded finish look better 5 years down the road after a few more MITM's?

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    I have the polished roll bars and they are just beautiful

    Check the roll bars I got from Falk in Germany.........solid and absolutely match all the bright work on our works of art........the bars and the Eisenhaus race exhaust have added much excitement to my forays around Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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    Nice mod, but Bob's talking about suspension components called anti-roll bars.