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Thread: CD Changer jammed

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    CD Changer jammed

    My CD player has a CD stuck partially, or fully, into the play position. However, the dash indicator states "No Disk", wne I select Disk mode.

    I suspect I need to pull back the CD, partially visible when I slide open the CD changer cover. Has anyone done this? Is there a better method than partially dissasembling the CD changer to remove the disk and disk cartridge?

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    If you want to get the cds out then you will either have to pull the changer out and dissassemble it or you can try to push the stuck cd back into the magazine with a thin tool like finger nail file between the side of the cartridge and the mechanism. I just fixed one for a customer on his z-8 and we repair them every day in my car audio repair shop. If you need help with that let me know.... What happens is there are 4 small location switches in the cd mechanism and usually one of them fails and it locks up the cd changer.


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    CD Cassette won't eject solution

    This is really so some other poor new owner won't panic. After the car sat fo a week I finally got around to reading the radio manual, setting the stations and opening up the changer to load some cd's. Unfortunately, when I pushed the little blue button nothing happened. Turned the key to see if it needed power. Still nothing. Read this post and shivered.

    Then I took a drive to calm my nerves. Low and behold when I returned home and tried it again, it whirred and ejected.

    So the lesson is before you look like an idiot at the local audio store, take a drive.

    Of course, no telling if it will work for the next drive.

    And it did not solve the mid-bass hump. Neither did turning the bass all the way down or the fader all the way forward. Hopefully, when I get a buddy to help me take the hardtop off...but then again that might just make it muddy mid-bass hump. However, like most of you I don't listen to the radio as much as the exhaust note anyway.
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