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Thread: Mac or PC?

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    Mac or PC?

    It has been a few years since we last asked this here, but it is always fun to see who like what system, especially as these confounded machines are becoming such a centralized part of all our lives.
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    Loving the Mac since '86 - er, Macintosh back then...
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    Apple since '81 - pre-Mac. (Apple IIe then - now Mac).

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    Have both, but less incompetent @ Mac. Must be easier and more forgiving I guess.

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    I have to use them both , but is like comparing a Z8 (being the Mac) to a Mazda Miata(the PC).........

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    From ~1981-1983 I used an Atari 800. Then from 1983-1988 I used an Apple IIe. Then I used a Mac SE, then a MacIICi(the greatest computer I ever owned given the performance/dollars at the time) then some forgettable mac Quadras. Then in 95 I switched to Windows as I thought the Mac was toast and I needed Windows centric software. But I was always an Apple guy and by 2000 I was back to the Mac! Got a Dual 800 G4 tower and OS 10.0.x. Thats when you had to be nuts to run OSX. Then 10.1 came out. I always felt the dual G4+OSX= slower than it should be. When the G5 came out and I got one I felt: wow, this is how it should be! Now the computers are so insanely fast, and external storage so massive that I truly feel the towers are overkill unless you are a true pro- which Im not- just a hobbiest who enjoys speed (sounds like another hobby we know of? ) Never the less I grabbed up one of the newer quad core intel machines running at around 3ghz with 8GB of ram and something like 2tb internal storage.

    As to comparing cars. Id say the Mac is more like BMW in the fact that Apple uses lots of suppliers but slickly integrates the final product and they do it their way. The PC is more entrepreneurial so its more like a Corvette that you tweaked out to M5 any beyond performance for less money- but yet, the M5 still has an allure because of the whole package. As computers have become more lifestyle oriented and more integrated into our lifestyles, this has played more to the Macs strengths and Jobs has done a masterful job of building on these strengths. Im not a guy who hates "Windoze people" I think windows does a great job for many, many people. I have just become used to a certain way of doing things and if a friend who has only used Windows asks about switching I usually advise they stay put but lately more and more people are more open to learning the Mac so I say if you want to learn something a little new then its not a bad move. Today's iMac is one hell of a computer.

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    a mini-museum

    Your article makes me wonder if you kept all your old computers. That sure would make a great exhibit, possible in the room next to your garage.

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    Very nicely put Jerry!

    I'm no tech expert, but I do make my living using these things, and it certainly looks like both PC & Mac are on a converging path.

    While here in Europe I saw an interesting documentary about the Linux based open source systems springing up all over Africa, it is the only way that those nations can afford to compute. It seems that software is much more costly than hardware, and because of that there is a tsunami of involvement in the Linux open source system.

    I was interested to read last week that Dell will now sell Linux machines - I'm certainly curious to see one in action, and which interface it will use. I'd guess that the path deeper into the future will be based around a unifed unix based floorplan, and what you put ontop of it will be a reflection of your taste or specific need.
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    No I never kept them but I do have my MacII Ci in the office next to mine- sitting on the floor collecting dust. It started out life as a kind of light cream color and now its very close to brown! I suspect it would boot up if I plugged it in.

    you basically summarized it. In a way its like medicine in that they simply can't afford the prices we get charged so they find a way to get the medicine for less. Though I think medicine is a more complicated issue. Linux is similar to windows/ mac in that it has a graphic shell to it. Its quite stable as I understand it. FYI, the new mac OS- OS X is really UNIX with a macintosh user interface slapped on top of it. Many mac oS X users run UNIX software via a program that comes with OS X called X windows (I think). My computing advice is stick to what you are comfortable with as the cost in time and pain to learn something new is often not worth it. That said- I moved back to the mac because my windows computers (of 95/98/ME time) always crashed when I tried to edit video/ audio/ photos. I spent more time on the phone with tech support than I care to remember. I went to the mac simply because I want my computer to perform the typical functions without crashing. So when I was younger I was always into what was cutting edge- now Im the guy who is happy with your basic web browsing, email, photoshop, imovie, even iphoto for some functions. Just make it all work and leave me alone is kind of my mindset... sorry for the blabber......