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Thread: BMW gets it right!!

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    BMW gets it right!!

    Finally after a decade of ugly BMW has seen the light.

    Beauty = desire = sales.

    Introduced at a car expo in China this week is their answer to MB's hideous banana car (cls) and Porsche's Panamerica, and IMHO it really is a huge step forward from the current styles they are offering. To my taste this is the most exciting and handsome 4 door saloon car to come out of Germany since the '60's. I'm now really interested to see what the SL fighting 6 series platformed Z car will look like.
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    Wow, love the front 1/4 view......nicely done....but

    that curious detail under the C pillar just below Hofmeister kink is....well curious.

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    I agree, really nice up front...but, charger/challenger in the back? That's one long GT body.

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    I saw this a few days ago too. It's definitely an interesting design. I agree with Norcal, it's a bit of Charger with elements from the Z8 (lights and muscle lines).

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    Definitely not my cup of tea...

    If I want Aston Martin Headlights I'd rather drive a DB9 ( ). Here they are in sharp conflict with those big vertical surfaces at the front. The huge air inlets at the sides are almost bigger than the grille...

    The constant change between concave and convex is more than a bit too much for my personal taste, the mentioned line underneath the C pillar is very surprising.

    Sometimes less is more...
    Of course, just my personal taste, and we would have to see the final design.
    Best regards, Dieter


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    The ridge under the C pillar is a reference to a rear fender arch. I'm not sure if an extension of the beltline ridge straight back would look better or make the car too heavy. The frontal appearance is very nice -- the flush lights of the Z8 are a surprise - BMW has pretty much made the clipped round lights flanking the kidneys a theme across all of their cars.

    Thiis must be a clay or mockup unless BMW has filled it with gas for life - no gas door!

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    I would guess that the car in these pictures is entirely computer generated, no door handles either. Nearly all the cars you see in car ads now are, it is cheaper and easier for the manufactures to release CGI versions of the car to the ad agencies, and have them create the ads digitaly around them.
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    New M-3

    I think the new M-3 also looks fantastic. It should be very fast with +400hp. It also has a real stick not SMG.

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    What are the chances for this concept to make it to production ?

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    That's a difficult question to answer, but if sales in this new 4 door GT segment are strong for the AM Rapide, MB CLS and Porsche PanAm then it stands to reason BMW would want a slice of the same pie.

    I'm more excited by the change of direction in the styling than this car itself. All my cars are 2 door 2 seaters, so there is no 4 door that will open my wallet.
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    whatever we say about this car itself at least it shows that BMW is getting back on track designing good looking cars again. Away from the ugly ones of the last few years!

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    Stunning, absolutely stunning, and under $200,000 g's!

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    Certainly not a coincidence that it's debut was in China -- considering BWMs growth in that market. If the Chinese feedback is good on the model, then BMW will most likely build it, at least in a version they can sell their (considering that China is very lax on the safety regulations and emission standards) it may help to make it a reality!

    But, as with most concepts -- absolutely stunning and I can only hope!
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