We currently have a 2003 Alpina Roadster, 312/555, in stock. It is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle with protection to 3-12-2010 or 100,000 miles. It has a valid maintenance program until 3-12-08 or 50,000 miles. The factory warranty is in effect until 3-12-2008 or 50,000 miles. The car is black with a red/black interior. The car has been thoroughly checked out in my service department under my supervision. It has had some paint work on the left side due to some scratches but the paintwork is not noticeable. The VIN# is AH62420 and it is Alpina Roadster 312 of 555. The car has 20,601 miles on the odometer The car is currently on our showroom floor and the hardtop is on the car.
This vehicle is being offered at $119,000.00

Please direct all inquiries to me via email @ [email protected]
or by phone to (650) 294-2123

Dana Caldwell
Service & Parts Director
Peter Pan BMW