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Thread: 20" HRE 543R

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    20" HRE 543R

    These pictures of a black car with 20" HRE 543R rims turned up on EBay.
    IMHO they don't suit the car that well, but each to thier own.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Andrew, as you would say a little "open" maybe, but I like them. Just goes to show you how personal wheels are.

    Interesting rear license plate enclosure.

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    Wheels will look lot better if they would have installed the big brake set! They seem bit empty now.

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    Smile de gustibus non est disputandum

    I like them, and agree that with Brembos they'd look better. I currently have 20" 541R's on mine car, with Brembos (installed by prior owner). The HRE's are fine wheels and pretty light and strong, but I sure like the look of Andrew's Hamann's.


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    i quite like these rims. i'm not so sure about the screws since i don't think they match the z8... as usual with custom rims i would prefer bmw logos fitted (if possible...)


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    Wheels alone look perfect but they don`t look good with the Z8. May be they would look better if the car was lowered.

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