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Thread: Euro VIN no recalls and campaigns.

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    Post Euro VIN no recalls and campaigns.

    I have recently discovered that the computer system at BMW NA has no way to trace, show or notify you of any recalls on privately imported Euro VIN numbered cars.

    I called Customer Service in Germany directly, and spoke to a wonderful, and extremely helpful lady there by the name of Claudia, and she emailed the full Campaign List for my VIN to my local dealer, who has been wonderful about honoring the work on BMW's behalf. (011 49 893820 ask for Customer Service)

    If you have a Euro spec, grey market car you should take the time to do this, as it is the only way you will get the correct information for your car.

    Here is the list of things my Aug 2000 build car just had done.

    Replace dip stick....defect code 00 11 52 966 - open campaign.

    Replace OBD Monitor....defect code 00 11 52 01 00 - open campaign SIB #1281.

    Replace Battery + cable campaign SIB #1283

    Replace Left Engine Mount campaign SIB # 1287
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    Question Euro spec car


    Did claudia give you any indication that the VANOS issue could be handled through BMW AG?

    I too have a Euro which I bought after my local dealer A)first told me they would not sell me their red car, then B)told me if I wanted it, I could submit a bid of at least 10K over MSRP. (A year later they sold the car).

    In the meantime, I bought a Euro for about MSRP and to the dealers credit, the service department has treated me very well. They just tell me the VANOS problem doesn't exist, Euro or not.

    The clicking drives me nuts and I want to fix it. I plan to take my car up to Vancouver BC to have Lupo's guy fix it. I just want to make sure the parts can be purchased if the factory does not supply them.

    You seam to have a good handle on getting to the bottom of this and any information you can share with us would be great.

    Roadfly may not be the best venue to discuss this.

    It is my perception that some of the people on that site feel you (a euro owner) are getting what you deserve for not paying the price of admission. I feel a little differently since my dealer did not want to sell me a car unless I paid way over MSRP. That is their right to do that just as it was our right to find a euro. It is still a BMW. (still cost me over 135,0000). The laws of supply and demand work both ways. I am not looking to srew the system, I just want to be able to service my car.

    BTW, I pay full tilt retail on all service except for recalls. With no warranty (not complaining) I have spent several thousand on repairs that would be warranted had I bought a US car.

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    Smile Lupo is the expert...

    Michael, I think you are in exceptionally good hands with Lupo and his team, I would take mine there too if it was a bit closer. A lot of the info here has infact come from Lupo, I have just put all the different posts together to try to make a single info source on the problem.

    I did ask Claudia about the Vanos, but she said that this was only being done on a case by case basis. From the post about this I put up on bmwm5 it seems that as much as 60% of our motors don't have any problem with this, or at least the drivers aren't complaining about it.

    The good news is that it won't damage the motor, the bad news is it seems really hard to get BMW NA to supply the parts, or even admit they exist. I think that if it becomes commonly known they figure it will end up with a wave of expensive fixes that they don't really deem as being necessary.

    What is odd is that Z8Bob over on the other board claimed that after the fixes were done his car ran much stronger. This doesn't seem to fit with what BMW says about the problem, ie it doesn't effect performance. (He has a lot of pull with BMW, and tried his best to organize for me to have the work done, but he couldn't make it happen, they were 'more than frosty' about the idea of helping.)

    I am really keen to hear what Lupo has to say when he gets his back, his review will be a really good indication of the problem's effect on the driving experience.

    Here are Lupo's and my train of thoughts on the issue on
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