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Thread: Reasons to be happy!!

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    Reasons to be happy!!

    It is ten months ago today that I made my first post about about the concerns we had about the frame. Today I talked to a friend in the EU who has put the PP (Performance Package) on his car, and he says that not only does it visually blend into the engine bay perfectly but it also really does make the front end feel more tight and precise.

    Much has been said in anger and frustration over the months, but as my old Nan always said, all's well that ends well.

    We own the most beautiful car made in modern times, (ok I might be a little biased) and BMW have proven to me beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are completely with us, and stand behind their product, so I think that the only thing to do now is shout it out from the roof tops of the world!

    The world may have overheard our anxieties of the last months, but all this is behind us, it is old news. Change the Wikepedia post, tell everyone you know, let the car world know that we have the best and most modern beautiful car there is, and we are supported by a manufacture who really does stand behind their product. I believe that it is now for us to let the world know just how proud we are of our cars, and of being BMW owners.
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    I agree

    We need to put the word out on the streets (the press?), as loudly as we did about the problem, that BMW has resolved/provided a specificaly engineered solution for the concerns about the frame, and that the kit is now available, and being installed globaly as we speak. We should still privately and or publicly encourage all Z8 owners to get the kit. These actions should help put the bad press to rest, and ensure a bright future for our babies.

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    I already sent a bulletin to Roundel...

    with the details of the kit - hopefully it will end up in there in some form.

    BMW has made the Z8 owners of the world very happy by quickly responded to concerns that in very extreme cases a bad pothole hit could cause a slight deformation of the aluminum front suspension mounts.

    BMW’s engineers thoroughly examined the possible problem, and while they felt that there was no inherent reason to fret they designed and released a Performance Package that completely eliminates all possible concerns by giving extra strength and support to the areas in question.
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    I am very happy it seems to be "ending" on a good note. I had no inside info or anything, but if you go back to the original discussion on time frames, I suggested everyone wait until Fall 06 to see what happens. This was just based on how long companies take to do things. BMW has done right by us- let the record reflect it!

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    Talking I'm with Jerry & Macfly

    I am frankly surprised that BMW got the "upgrade" into the field in less than 12 months, since the conversation began.
    Lighting Speed for a major car company.

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    Yep- in my estimation was the earliest we'd see anything was now and I was basing my guesstimate on the fact that I think that BMW is one of the good companies out there. JMHO.

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    Alpina owner's cannot shout for joy...

    just yet as there still has been no additional communication on any performance package for the Alpina V8s. Personally I have faith that BMW/Alpina will come through, but it is disappointing that they have made no attempt, that I know of, to keep us up to date. Has anyone heard differently?

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    I did hear through the grapevine...

    that Alpina are fully up to speed, and are designing their own version of the kit, but that was only hearsay, not stone cold fact.
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    Sorry to disagree with your happiness.

    1. Still now:
    A minor incident like sliding against a boardwalk or similar will cost a fortune when repairing or exchanging the frame. So far, BMW has only provided a kit that strengthens the front, but they are not offering a solution for the underlying problem, which is that any damage to the frame is extremely expensive.

    2. Communication:
    Still now (see other threads), BMW employees badmouth the story and the tellers. Up to now, BMW has NOT informed all owners about the availability of the PP, the last thing that went out to owners (in the US only, nothing in Europe to my best knowledge) was the message "Hey there is some talking on the Internet, don't believe it. Have fun." No word of the PP.

    3. Consequences:
    Most Z8 will remain unprotected because owners don't know about the package, or because they believe what BMW told them.
    All Z8 will continue to have an issue with frame damages, because there are no acceptable repair procedures, e.g. for replacement of a strut tower alone.

    I can only feel a first relief, but not more.
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Dieter, you are correct....

    in all your points, but IMHO the consequence of an incident, not a pothole, must be an acceptable fact of owning an aluminum chassied car. I think it is reasonable to expect a sportscar to survive a bad pothole hit, but to me leaving the road and running a kerb counts as an accident incident, while a pothole is just a fact of driving life here in CA as you well know. The car wasn't engineered with repair/replacement in mind, but I can accept that, and enjoy it despite this.

    I do agree that the communication from BMW has been imperfect during this issue, and I do feel that had we had a more direct and straight line of communication to the engineers we could have got this all ironed out easily and simply in the spring. However I've never worked in a big corporation, so it's hard for me to fathom the apparent clumsiness of its machinations.

    I really do hope that BMW will not try to propagate the myth that the PP is only necessary if you are doing performance driving, as according to our new poster boatracer81 BMW NA told him....
    Once again BMW said don't install the performance package unless you plan on racing the car or plan on doing a lot of aggressive driving.
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    We should also thank the Club for working on our behalf.