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Thread: Partial solution to pesky radio problems...

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    Partial solution to pesky radio problems...

    ....after driving back from Florida to North Carolina with my lovely (buy somewhat verbose girlfriend) without the benefit of the radio working, I've found a partial solution to the sometimes working...sometimes kaput radio. As I mentioned, it is only a partial solution...but it is functional. I purchased an i-Fusion from Apple for my iPod. When open, it sits rather nicely on the armrest between the seats back against the rear plastic piece. Fits somewhat snug so no worries about it falling back behind the seats. It has 2 speakers and quite honestly, doesn't sound much worse than the stock speakers. It's small and fits well in the trunk next to the battery. Yes, it is a mere band aid, but I won't be taking any more road trips without this ~$150 devise. To be honest, it is more for my girlfriend than me but it'll ease her constant barb comment about me spending 100 grand on a car without a radio.

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    You raise a very interesting issue. If the Z8 was designed to be true to the 507, then there is no reason to expect a good radio. It seems fitting with the general austerity of the car. However, if you see it as an "updated" version of the 507, then a better radio is expcected. This is the probelm with resurrection.


    Bob Adler

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    The Z8 has a radio?


    I must be lucky as I have had no problems with the radio, and contrary to popular opinion, I don't have much of a beef with the sound quality of the radio. Once you tune it properly, it's comparable to about any other two-place convertible out there. None of them are that great, and once the speeds rise the wind takes over anyway.

    However, this does little to address the original post. I do know that the Europeans have had good luck replacing the stock head-unit aftermarket units, including large-screen nav systems.

    I like the iFusion idea...nice, compact unit that you can take in to a hotel room when on road trips. Good suggestion to add to the travel kit.