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Thread: Impact of accident history?

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    Impact of accident history?

    I am curious as to your opinions on the impact on the desirability, potential collectability, and price of a Z8 that has been involved in an accident.

    I'm going to look at a 2000 Z8 that has had ~$30,000 in front end repairs performed at one of the BMW authorized frame repair facilities. I do not yet have the details as to what exactly was damaged.

    All else being equal, I would rather have a car with no accident history. On the other hand, if a Z8 was repaired correctly at one of the BMW repair facilities, should it still be avoided? How much of a discount should be factored into the price?

    I welcome any of your thoughts.

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    Interesting question....

    and I'm not sure I can correctly answer it, but I'll give it a go. I think that the price realized for a car with reported significant accident damage will be set by what the market can bear. If the car is mint, and has been signed off by BMW then it is a hard call, but IMHO I'd expect to pay no more than $70K for a 2000 with such a record, and put a bid in for around $65K. A mint, low mileage one should fetch more like $80.

    I think there are two things to think about here.

    For Driving. I'd say buy it at a good discount, and use it like mad for two or three years, and see if it is a car you really, really love. I would be more concerned about other issues like the VANOS and the Carbon Build-up issues on a '00 car than the repairs, in terms of daily use.

    For Collecting. I wouldn't buy it for a collection with that history, I'd be looking for a low mileage 02 or 03, but I think that there will stil be plenty of low mileage 02 & 03 cars in two, three and even five years, as a lot of these cars are garage queens. I you really fall in love with the Z8 and want to buy one for ever after a year or three with a 'beater' then hunt down a perfect keeper. Don't forget there are still well over 100 US spec Z8 that have never even been registered, they are sitting in dealers private collections, so these cars will be available for some time (at the right price of course).
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