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    Smile Radio Dead

    I've got a colleague, not on the forum and he's having radio issues. I told him all the issues with the Z8 radio and recommended a non-BMW head unit, but I told him I'd post just to see if anyone had ideas. I read and discussed with our mutual mechanic all the issues so far posted, but why not present everyone with another wild goose chase

    The radio had been out for a while, our mutual mechanic checked all the basics, for power and ground. It had 2 powers and proper grounds, so a BMW replacement radio to the tune of $1800 was installed!
    It lasted 2-3 days and quit working. Then the dealer put in another radio, it failed 10 minutes after pick it up....

    Thoughts beyond what's already on the board? Thanks!

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    Wow, that's crazy.

    Maybe there is an issue with the signal/current/info (temp/nav/CD's) going to the head unit?
    Could we finally be discovering what has been killing all the radios?
    Is a flaw/fault is the electrical system the cause of all the head unit failures?
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    Would love to know the answer. My head unit works about 50% of the time when I fire it up. Otherwise the screen remains blank.
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    My head unit worked once last summer, twice the summer before. I finally went with a non-stock replacement, but given the occasional functionality of mine and the issues, trials and tribulations reported by others, it does seem that the root issue has yet to be identified.

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    Crossing my fingers when saying this, but my radio has been (mostly) working the last few years. I'm thinking of removing and boxing it while it's still works and upgrading to something with all the new bells and whistles...What did you pick for a replacement unit?

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