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Thread: Notice to BMW - time to stem the tide

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    Exclamation Notice to BMW - time to stem the tide

    I am noticing the beginning of a downward trend in prices. People on other auto sites are discussing this phenomenon. This evening someone put up a link for a '01 - asking $72K.

    If any exec from BMW legal is "surfing" this site, I sure hope that they consider any increasing liablity for loss of values. The trend can be stabilized if they choose to issue a simple statement that they will take care of any significant (for wiggle room) structural defect ... rather than remain silent and watch values slip away. It will be much more difficult for them to reverse the values and damage to their reputation later. Such a statement will also go a long way to reasssuring many of us, who are increasingly dubious ... with this silence ... about the commitment of BMW to their cars and their owners.

    Anyone who says that BMW needs more time for analysis should know that one can do the analysis later and that such a statement speaks separately to the principles of the company. In spite of a large, but not likely crippling, financial burden for this major company, the principle should not be dependent on what the solution is.

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    Hallo, I also drive a Z8, but i am sure prices are not falling. I live in Holland and there is only 1 Z8 for sale, 2001/49000 km/silver/red price 115.000 euro.
    I you want to look at prices in Germany look at, there are about 35 for sale, but wen you call for info there are at least 10 which already sold!

    So whats my point? If we make the problem bigger and bigger prices will fall, we have to be calm and wait for a proper solution. I am sure it will come. It is the best car BMW ever built so don't worry.

    Therefore we should be carefull at our forum. Bad news will result in bad prices!!

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    Now that's a picture!

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    If the '01 Z8 you are referring to is the one listed on Autotrader, I think you have to keep in mind that it has over 51K miles. The next closest '01 is listed at $86.5K with ~16K miles, and I think that car already has a deposit on it.

    I agree that BMW could release a more reassuring statement. As a future buyer, I have been trying to follow Z8 prices, and I have yet to notice the bottom falling out of the market.

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    Even better

    I agree that we are a ways away from prices dropping through the floor, but we know the concerns that future buyers will have about frame issues, visible or not, if BMW doesn't step forward to address them. I remember the recommendations to stay away from '95 and '96 F355's because of valve guide issues that weren't addressed, even though only 10-20% of those cars supposedly had the problem. My hope is that BMW will come forward earlier with some statement of support to be included with any stories about our Z8's. It is just so much harder to dig out later, after the attention has passed.