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Thread: RX100 Use in Switzerland

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    RX100 Use in Switzerland

    Prior to my recent business trip to Basel Switzerland, I received a RX100 camera. With this new camera in my briefcase and a request from Andrew to "Post some pictures", here are a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!

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    There is a lot construction in Basel as you can see from the construction cranes in this picture as well as the one above. Basel is home to pharmaceutical companies as well as a major banking center.
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    I added this image as a nod to Andrew. Basel Tattoo week that coincided with my trip has percussion bands from around the world, including Scotland. I saw several men walking around in kilts, which caused me to pause and consider my state of jet lag .
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    Main square at night (handheld camera)
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    The temperature and humidity were both high during my stay. The locals have figured out that a trip down the Rhine river with a cool beer waiting at the end will do wonders to correct an otherwise stifling heat. The Basel police remind the swimmers to stay out of harms way from ship traffic. The colorful bags attached to the swimmers serve as a floatation device and as a dry place to keep your clothes and valuables.
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    My Best,


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    Great pix, especially the night time ones. These Sony cameras and sensors are amazing, and they're in our iPhone 6's, and my Nikon 800E & 810.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Love the night shot with the reflection in the water. Really fantastic!!!
    Skip Hammerman

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    Thank you Andrew and Skip! I am very impressed with this little camera, especially with its handheld night shot capabilities. While I'll still reach for my DSLR for more artistic inspired images, it is good to know I have a capable point and shot camera that can easily be taken on any trip.
    My Best,


    2002 Z8 Jet Black//Sport Red
    2012 SLS AMG Obsidian Black/Classic Red

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