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Thread: Favourite Driving Music?

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    Favourite Driving Music?

    Hi Guys (I apologise if this is a repost, I did do a search but to no avail),

    What are some of your favourite driving songs, guys?

    Here's a few of mine I recently compiled, would like to know what you guys think gof them - it's quite a wide range of genres:

    - Midnight City - M83 (brilliant at night/dusk or early morning)
    - Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys (favourite band, if you catch the beginning guitar riff and open the throttle just perfect)
    - Take off your shirt - Bibio
    - Arabella - Arctic Monkeys
    - Lovers' Carvings - Bibio (long intro, around the 1:20 mark the intro finishes and the song gets really good).

    Have a listen, hope you like 'em!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanegan44 View Post
    What are some of your favourite driving songs, guys?
    Sound of a roaring V8

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkZ8 View Post
    Sound of a roaring V8
    Fair shout

    Anyone else?

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    When I'm running around town I listen to Sirius's Chill channel in the electric car, but I never turn on the radio in the Z8 as my exhaust is far too loud to hear it!
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    I must be getting old, Jordan. Never heard of any of your choices. I am a classic rock guy, but in the Z8 I am enjoying the sounds of the S62 (not the B52s!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by JOEA2 View Post
    Hotel California.

    That makes two of us. In the CD player of the Z8 you'll also find Springsteen's Darkness, Sam Cooke's Night Beat, Roxy Music's Avalon, U2's Joshua Tree, and an assortment of songs from Jack Johnson. I typically play the CDs after driving through the back roads near our home, because I also enjoy the S62 engine sounds with each shift.
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    My (antique) 160Gig iPod with 560 + CD's in my iTunes collection. Tons of Blues, Rock, and Indie. Pretty much everything but Classical or Country when I think about it.
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