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Thread: Oil consumption in my 750

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    Oil consumption in my 750

    I have a 2010 750 that I use in the bad weather since it has xdrive and I have snows for it. The car has 110,000 miles and all required service has always been done. I have noticed after the last two oil changes that after 6,000 miles I need to add a quart of oil and then it consumes an additional quart approximately ever 2,000 miles. The engine is running properly, there is no blue smoke in the exhaust and the rear bumper shows no sign of the oil in the exhaust. Last thing is that it is not leaking as evidenced by a clean garage floor. I am going to schedule a service appointment but just wondering if this is normal on an engine with this many miles or am I am in for a repair bill that may just tell me to finally sell the car as the winter is coming to an end.

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    I have a 2013 550 and I think I use the same quantity (1 quart every 2000mls) since new.
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    The newer BMWs really use oil. As I'm sure you guys know they use oil to lubricate the turbo, so burning a little is normal.
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