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Thread: The iPhone 6 with Sony's Exmor sensor

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    The iPhone 6 with Sony's Exmor sensor

    This really is quite a revolutionary bit of kit, and honestly is the death knell of the compact camera market. It really exceeds the quality of the pocket cameras of a decade ago, like the then fabulous Canon Elphs.

    I've already uploaded a couple of Sunday drive stories taken with it, and was so happy with the quality that I took it to New Zealand as my only pocket cam on our recent trip there. It's also super nice that it's an easy Instagram upload too, and this is a selection of the shots I put up there. Of course I was shooting our main exhibition series on the Nikon 810, which is a fabulous camera, but the iPhone 6 really is all you need for happy snaps when you don't want to pull out the big guns.
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    Great shots with any camera! Thanks for sharing.
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    very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!
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    Those are fantastic!
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