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Thread: Photoshoot of 2 Z8s and 1 i8

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    Photoshoot of 2 Z8s and 1 i8

    Hi Guys,

    This was posted on earlier in the week and I'd like to share it with all of you guys! Note the link to the calendars of the Z8, we have one and it is a really nice item to show your love for the Z8!

    If you scroll to the bottom there is another Z8 which belonged to a neighbor near where we were taking the photos... His is a lovely Alpina - looked stunning in person.

    Here's the original text that my father wrote:

    "Many thanks to Lynn England for agreeing to record our homegrown BMW–fest this weekend, we hope you like the photos. We asked Lynn to help us as she specializes in trying to capture the details in her photography, and there are so many details that we just love about these cars.

    After 3 weeks and 1250 miles of owning the i8 we are still in love with it, turning down the offer received from a neighbor to pay MSRP + $25k + his Audi S4 was not a difficult decision for us: if he had suggested including his wife maybe we would have considered the offer more carefully…

    The reaction we are getting to the i8 is incredible, people approach us every time we go out and want to know about the car, no-one believes us when we tell them it is a 1.5 litre inline 3 plug-in hybrid, that is not what people in Texas are expecting to hear.

    A couple of comments about the i8…

    I am using it as a daily driver, and it is performing perfectly in that role…the only problem I am having is not wanting to leave the car in the parking garage each morning. It is a really fun car to drive, it brings a smile to my face every time I glide out of my garage in what I have dubbed ‘stealth mode’. I have downloaded the Knight Rider music that somehow seems so appropriate to the i8, though the onboard computer does not call me Michael (yet). Being a back seat passenger is not quite so comfortable – but who cares – the inconvenience is well worth the fun of watching people trying to get in and out of the car – particularly from the back seat!

    We swung by the home of Curtis Burton - another Houstonian Z8 owner - on our way to the photoshoot, and he kindly agreed to join us for some of the photos. My son kindly pointed out that his Alpina BMW Z8 is probably worth more than my i8 and Z8 are worth combined! Brought me down to earth with a bump. We included the i3 in a few of the images, maybe it’s not quite the same level of car as the others but we are really enjoying it, and we thought it was fun to include it.

    Lynn put some of the best images together into a couple of different calendars for me so I can remember this day all of next year, have a look and let us know what you think! We offered to plug her web site in return for doing us the favor of taking these photo’s


    Hope you enjoy the photos, we really enjoyed taking them!"


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    Very cool shots! Thanks for the update on the i8 experience too.

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    Great pics. The front plate on that Z8... unfortunate.