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Thread: Incase you were wondering....

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    Incase you were wondering....

    Those who've been around for a long time will know what a cornerstone of the site Jerry, or Z8Mania, has been since we all first met over on Roadfly.

    I noticed he'd been absent for a while, and so I took the initiative to call to check he was alright, which thank heavens he is, but he has decided he wants to hide his online presence, and wanted to 'vanish' from as many places online as he can. I didn't ask him why, but in respect to his wishes I have deleted his account here, which means his many posts will now simply show up as 'guest'.

    Of course I'm sad to see him go as he's been such a vital part of the community since it began, but the great news is he's left us in good health and still loving his Z8, and thank heavens I'm not writing his obituary, which to be honest is what his total site cold turkey had led me to expect I'd be doing.
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    Thank you Andrew for the update on Jerry. I've also been concerned with his recent absence from the forum. Good to know all is well with him, and I can appreciate and respect his wishes.
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    Big hole for the Z8 community, lets hope its only temporary. I actually owe much of my ownership to Jerry. When I bought my car 6 years ago, Jerry was always encouraging me to find the right car and pull the trigger.

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    Jerry gave me a lot of great info on suspension upgrades at a local shop which I will eventually pull the trigger on when I can let go of the car and suffer not driving it.
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    I for one will miss Jerry's insights, hope to see him back soon!

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    Hope to see him soon back ....missing that "welder"
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    I've actually been talking to him on some other matters, and he said to say a big thank you to everyone, and to say that he is really touched by everyones concern. He is however feeling the need to be more private in life, and hence decided to withdraw from not just ours, but all of the forums he was on.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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