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Thread: Happy New Year!!!

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    Talking Happy New Year!!!

    and many, many wonderful miles!!

    Andrew Macpherson

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    Sport Button On - DSC Off mollyshark's Avatar
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    Same to you, Mac. Hoping to have more time to drive my baby this year. Also hoping the weather stays like it is now. Lord, what a gift.

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    DSC Off
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    happy new year, many thanks for all your efforts!

    i thought you would be back at the track before too long! very interesting to read about the pro driver inputs to your modification program. I always had lots of DSC interference at the track, but did not know if it was just my rookie driving abilities. The quaife is great, and now I drive it at the track with the DSC off with very good results, as long as its dry. If wet, the DSC stays on for safety reasons. Have Fun. When do we see your next cover?

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    Happy New Year to everybody here, and lots of joyful time with your Z8
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Smile Happy New Year From France ...

    Hi everybody,

    Happy New year at all members of the Z8 Club Us, and all over the world

    Health, love, happiness, business and much of kilometers on Z8 in 2006

    Club Z1 France

    My Cars : RS6 Avt V8 BiTurbo 450ch et BMW Z1.