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Thread: Your pet pics

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    Your pet pics

    After seeing Andrew's pups Coco and Starr I decided to start this non BMW related thread since I bet most of us have a non human housemate or travel companion.This is actually a popular thread on one of my other car forums. so here is some pics of Yoyo the Pekingnese and Mimi the Himalayan
    PS the only real fur in the second pic is the cat's OEM, no animals were harmed in this post
    2002 Silver Black/Red

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    Quaiffe differential/military grade gear polishing
    19 inch 3 piece HRE mags/Toyo tires
    Custom crossdrilled/slotted rotors
    ceramic brake pads
    stainless brake lines
    Dinan caster plates
    Dinan duel mass flywheel
    custom Sachs clutch /pressure plate
    Dinan pedal set

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    Awww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here's our full team, the all black is Bella, she belongs to my studio manager, and comes to work everyday to make us a full house. Coco is the white one, and Starr, the Queen Bee, is the smallest.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Laszlo, the tennis ball machine. Our grand dog courtesy of our son Alexander, the staunch bachelor.
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    Here is Karma - our Blue Great Dane

    And a few years back (about two months old):

    Skip Hammerman

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    A dog's life

    Sydney, flaps up

    Contemplating life on the marsh


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    Beautiful pictures! Love the pets!

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    Introducing...Mars and Venus

    2 Maine Coons...
    Greg AH61930 - 2003 - Silver/Black

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    Wow, so many beauties here!! Lovely shots, keep 'em coming!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Kit and friends

    This is Kit the boxer. She is a very unusual white Boxer spotted almost like a Dalmatian. Kit was our first "rescue" Boxer after owning eight others (since I was a kid) from two selected breeders. My wife was adamant about giving some fine dog a new chance at life. The other photo includes Kit's sidekicks. Charlie is a rescue Chihuahua mix and Franz is a pure bred - Champion line - miniature wired hair Dachshund.
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    Jingles...our Christmas cat.

    Got this with my iphone as he was climbing out of the clothes hamper.

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    Awwwwww . I love the pictures!!! heres Ruby, micro mini golden doodle. via iPhone.

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