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Thread: A lot of leather

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    A lot of leather

    Hi Everyone,

    So I finally got some time to do a full manual detailing of the car... including nourishing all of the leather... there sure is a decent amount! I used a "Coach" leather moisturizer and it seemed to work great... anyone use anything specific they really like?

    So far, absolutely loving the car!

    Gonna head out on a drive of the "Sea to Sky" in BC - a beautiful drive. Will post pics.

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    Nice! Post up some pictures if you have them. Would love to see. Yeah, its a lot of leather. Never heard of this product but I'm sure its a high quality one. The only thing I'd point out is to be sure to use a product that won't strip off the factory leather sealant. When the Z8 was new some of the then on the market products would strip the factory leather sealant off and some people reported problems but I haven't heard about that in years now.

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    I've been using the Leatherique cleaning and conditioning system based on the recommendations of others on this site. Most recently I tried Klasse's leather cleaner/conditioner product and was pleased with the results.

    Looking forward to to seeing your pictures!
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    I used Leatherique on my M5 with the same leather, kind of a process but the smell is great.

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