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Thread: I have read this before......

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    I have read this before......

    BMW i8 will bring to market an unique and innovativelaser light technology.
    The optional high-beam headlights with laser light technology includes a typical BMW i U-shaped frame, from which the running lights and the built-in indicators are operated. A second, wide light frame surrounds the innovative laser light unit and emphasizes its three-dimensionality. a passively lit blue band signalizes the lighting unitís innovative technology. In the equipment with laser light, the headlights have a brilliant metallic side cover rather than a dark one.
    ........would this innovative light technology be as "good" as our light technology (pun intended)
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    I have read the same thing and I know BMW has this tech brewing. Its very cool.

    For any Battlestar fans... all this has happened before....

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