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Thread: Turner Motorsports License Plate Bracket

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    Turner Motorsports License Plate Bracket

    My "new" Z8 came with the factory color-matched (hellrot) front license plate holder in the trunk. Regrettably, New Jersey requires front and rear plates, but I am unwilling to drill the front bumper to mount the factory piece. I purchased a bracket kit from Turner Motorsports ($59.95 plus shipping) which arrived this morning. Very nicely made, all stainless steel construction, mounts in the front tow hook receiver. Although I would have preferred no plate, this is the best compromise I could come up with. All in all, I think it looks pretty good, and for the price I don't think you can beat it.


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    Pictures please once it's fitted, it sounds great.
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    I have attached pictures of the installed Turner Motorsports bracket. It is adjustable for height, and by slightly bending one of the components you can angle it to match the contours of the front fascia. It is a good, solid unit.


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    I can't open the attachment?

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    It was there a few days ago. I'll try to attach another shot.

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    It won't work straight from your HD

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    This picture is from external source ( in this case Photobucket) By clicking on the link the picture appears but probably it will turn into an "invalid link"

    edit: and it did trying it again 12 hours later
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    I can't get it to work either, sorry guys, have sent this thread on to our tech, so hopefully it'll get ironed out shortly.
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