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    Funny story

    I was taking a Sunday drive a couple of weeks ago in the Z8 on a beautiful fall day to visit my son. On a back road I see a town policeman flagging me down, as there was a road detour ahead.

    He came up to the car and in his official voice asked: What was I doing on that road in THAT car, and what the hell kind of car is this. We chatted for a full five minutes as he kept firing the questions at me. He was getting more excited by the minute.

    When I gave him the power numbers he started bouncing up and down, hands on the imaginary steering wheel, mock conversation with his wife. " Where are you going?" I don't know where I'm going honey, but I am going!!" He was so animated and totally lost in the moment, I couldn't believe it. Hysterical.

    When I took off I put my foot into it hard, fully appreciating that I had that Eisenmann exhaust working for me. The last thing I saw in the rear view mirror was his big grin and both arms up in the air. I think it made the day for both of us.

    In one way or another, these beauties are an adventure every time you turn the key!

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    What a great story, that made me smile!! :-)
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Fantastic story.

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    The Z8 is such a charmer.

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    Great story!
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    What fun! The car is a show stopper for sure.

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    Don't you love when that happens.

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    I once had a statey pull me over for lack of a front plate. After a couple minutes of chatting about the car he confessed he just wanted to check it out and further told me if he had one he wouldn't mess up the front of the car with a plate either.

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    Once upon a time I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and an unmarked police officer was in the lane next to me. It was a gorgeous day and I had the top down. He looks over and remarks on how beautiful the car is and I reply thank you. Then he asks how much power it has under the hood and I said: "if I tell you do you promise to not arrest me on the spot?" He laughed. When I told him 400 HP (this is back in 2000!!) he couldn't believe it.

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