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Thread: South of France Shots

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    South of France Shots

    All of these come from the Sony RX100.

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    It really catches the twilight light well, but there's a big piece of dust appearing on your sensor in several of these, you should see if they'll trade you for a new one, because I bet it's not easy to take it apart and clean.
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    Thanks Andrew- do you mean the mark in the moon shot? That's some sun tan lotion on the lens courteously of one of my group's fingers... Lol. I didn't check to see if it was dirty. Oh well... Saw some good stuff. Had a great visit. Some nice snap shots.

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    Looks like it was a great trip! Was there a special event resulting in the fabulous collection of cars at the Casino Monte Carlo or is that a typical summer afternoon?
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Event for future F12 owners?

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    That's just a random Monday in Monte Carlo. The fancy people bring out their fancy toys. I really wouldn't like to do that because people go nuts over these cars and they become part of the tourist attractions. Random strangers putting their hands (and sometimes other body parts?!) all over the cars.

    But for a car guy with a camera, it's a fun place to gawk.

    The McLaren was in Cannes yesterday. I actually like the color on this car. I believe it's volcano red.

    Shots are simply from a vacation we took in the south of France. Felt inspired to share after seeing Andrews RX1 shots. Obviously not the same quality photographer nor camera!

    But still pretty good results.