View Poll Results: What kind of Z8 did you buy?

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  • Future generations will praise me for preserving it

    5 11.11%
  • I will make a fortune once the prices will go up

    0 0%
  • Driving - what else could you do with such a car?

    35 77.78%
  • I will have fun fun fun ?til the 'Ring takes the Z8 away...

    2 4.44%
  • hey, it's just a car, next year I'll buy a Lambo or so...

    1 2.22%
  • none of the above

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Thread: The Z8 - a brandnew classic car?

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    The Z8 - a brandnew classic car?

    Over the years I have met quite a few Z8 drivers, and I have heard tons of opinions about the car, all positive.
    There is one detail though that attracted my attention:

    What kind of car did we actually buy, and for what purpose?

    #1: There appears to be a substantial crowd out there who thinks that the Z8 is a factory-built brand new oldtimer or classic car, just that the patina of 50 years is missing.
    Admire, don't drive, put in safe storage place, safe for future generations, 50 years from now people will look with envy at us because we have one of these...
    (not sure where I'm going to be in 50 years though )

    #2: Then there is the crowd that believes in financials:
    The Z8 will go up in value, look at the 507, already now the prices are stabilizing and going up again, very soon the car will be worth a lot more than what we have paid for it.

    #3: Also, there may be a minority, who actually wants to drive the car:
    Lots of fun and admiration, feelings that you will never experience with a Ferrari or Lambo, unique experience

    #4: I accept that there may be a handful only like Andrew, GreaseMonkey, or myself, who are ready to push the car hard on tracks, the only fear being to lose the car completely. And of course, we have to live with constant comments like "how can you dare to do this to this car!".

    #5: Also an option: The folks who bought the Z8 because it was new, different, or something else. And soon it will be time to get the next new, different car...

    #6: none of the above

    Some bit of each option may apply to all of us, but where is your heart?
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Smile I needed to tick two boxes!!

    I am so happy to have a second 'driver' as it is such an incredible car to drive. However I'm totally guilty of falling into the 'immaculate trap', having a brand new car with very few miles that I only use for special occasions. I want to have it for all my days, so I am always saving it for some undefined future. I've never fallen into this trap before, but I've also never felt like this about any car before.

    When I bought the 'immaculate car' to keep I was using an EU spec Z8 for track days, and other fun events, and I just loved it. I got so into tracking that I bought an M3smg, and then a GT3, both incredible cars to drive, but as soon as I'd step out of the driver's seat they were simply appliances, they didn't stir my soul, or make me want to get up before the dawn to go photograph them.

    Having just driven 960 miles in two days, a day to get from LA up the coast to Peter Pan BMW, and a day to get back, all I can say is this is the most enjoyable car I have ever driven. It may not be the fastest, but it is by far the most enthralling. The only solution I can suggest to those others who have fallen into the 'immaculate trap' is do what I did, go buy another well used Z8 to enjoy, because it is just so enjoyable, and live in the present!!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Great Post Dieter!....

    I think you described feelings that I have had one time or another. Here are my feelings kind of in succession.

    1) Love at first sight! The Sophia Loren of sports cars. A classic raging beauty with the total package. Looks, power, sex appeal, the foriegn factor(you know what I mean, all the right curves! She's gourgeous from every angle. Saw the Z8 on the "today" show and said "there's no way I'm paying $84,000 for a car" but when I can afford one "I 'm gonna get one". Well we all know I paid more than that for it a couple years later .

    2) I've never tracked a car but after my wife and I attended the " Z8 Driving Experience" it is certainly an option, BUT NOT WITH HER! The Z8 that is, She is just to beautiful. Maybe one day I'll have a beater like Mac.

    3) After 3 soft tops in the last year, my eyes started to wander. My thoughts were," How can I expect to keep this car for ever only to replace the top every couple of years". But what can you replace her with? You can't! There are a lot of beautiful cars out there but nothing that stimulates you like the Z8. By the way My car is going up to Spartanburg to have the soft top and frame replaced, as I'm starting to wear another hole at the front crease.

    4) A significant increase in value would ba a bonus only as I expect to keep her forever when I get the top corrected. It's like having a lot of equity in your home, until you sell it or borrow off it, it doesn't fill your wallet. It just another notch in the our belt of pride. It's funny and I know beauty is very subjective but I think the Maranello is a close 2nd to the Z8 and it's prices seem to be going down lately. I keep an eye on ebay, hoping to catch a deal, as I'd love to have one as a stable mate for the Z. That would be one good looking garage!

    5) When the dust settles we should consider ourselves lucky to have a gorgeous, well built, german muscle car that is refined, bullet proof, and unique. As an added bonus it holds 2 sets of clubs.

    Just my thoughts!


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    My soft top has the hole right there as well....

    but I'm thinking of trying an iron-on patch for a temporary fix. The frame is also not sitting down correctly, so maybe I'll have to send her to somewhere really special to get that sorted too. I wish we had a really great Z8 specialist here in the LA area, Spartenberg is just a bit too far, even for me!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    I admit that it is a bit unfair to make it an one-choice poll only. I assume that there is a bit of everything in all of us.

    Everytime I drive on a track the fear is with me to lose the car completely, i.e. to damage it beyond the point where repair is an option. Unfortunately, this may happen very quickly, a quite minor bump into a guard rail may distort the frame, and that's it.

    However, my personal bottom line is this:
    I didn't know that I had been waiting to find such a car for decades, a car that stirred up emotions that had been sleeping for at least 25 years.
    I never took photos of my cars, why should I?
    now I have hundreds of photos
    I never drove around just for the fun of it.
    now it's just the opposite
    I never longed for the moment when I could start an engine.
    now it is a very special one every day to wake up this engine with a gentle push on the button...

    The list goes on and on, and I am sure you all have your own set of emotions.
    I can also understand that we need to preserve the car for the future, however, I won't be part of that future, and nobody preserved a 507 for me. Call me an egoist.
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Enjoy the Hel. out of it!

    You deserve it I'm sure. Mac does have the ultimate set up. Don't you know those guys who bought Cobra's back in the sixties wish they had bought 2. Jonny

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    Swelling with pride

    A few days ago, I stopped into Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach (apparently the number one Mercedes dealership in the world) to pick up their payment for their consignment sale of my M5 (necessary to buy my Z - Boo Hoo). Even though, I was pulling into a dealership with SL65's, Brabus, etc, most of the salespeople came out to admire the Z8. They were telling me that in Newport Beach, where 430 Spyders are a dime a dozen, they just don't see Z8's. That tells me that some folk are stashing their Z8's (choice 1 in the survey).

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    I like this post and the questions posed. But it is impossible to choose only one of the reasons as, like many of you, my reason is a blend. It is also important to understand that our reasons are strongly colored by our backgrounds and personal situations. I bought the car because it came along at an intersection of circumstances that included:
    - a longtime desire to drive/own something special
    - a longtime bias towards the "sports car", an open topped two seater with good performance
    - mid life crisis time, after twenty years of driving econo-boxes and pickup trucks
    - fond memories of my first car, a Triumph Spitfire, and my second, a 240Z
    - an unexpected event providing some funding
    - the determination (and Wife's opinion) that "I've earned this" after many years of hard work

    With these circumstances occurring, along comes BMW with the Z8 at the local car show and in the magazines and I was smitten. So, to answer the poll question, I would say that my car is 70% #3, 28% #1, and 2% #2. I drive it infrequently, sort of tracked it once (mild track day), keep it out of inclement weather, show it at club events, wash it carefully, but keep it ready to go year round, and am not afraid to take it for a spin just for the thrill of it. I'll keep it as long as I can, will put miles on as I please but sparingly, and don't expect it to appreciate in value.


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    My first five cars were Spitfires, and over time I merged the five into three that actually ran. Did anyone else ever look at the similarity between the early Spitfire with the kidney grills, the 507, and the Z8? I've been told that back in history the original designer of the 507 was fired by Max Hoffman who preferred and placed his friend Goertz in the head designer position who then finished the design and put it into production. The original fired designer was later on the Spitfire design team with Triumph Motor Cars. Can you verify this Macfly?

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    Wow, that is a bit of research that is way beyond me.....

    I'd suggest finding out from Mobile Tradition for the BMW side, and contact the Triumph Owner's Club guys for the Spitfire side. Be interesting to know for sure!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Like Jonny, it was love at first site.....

    and the intensity of the new found love affair has not waivered one bit .....and believe me, my wife has definitely noticed!!!

    I walked into the dealer to buy an X5 for my wife and lo and behold, a Z8 on the showroom floor and available. I have never seen one in person (although, loved the looks in the magazines!) I am not the kind of guy who would ever purchase one sight unseen and more so, undriven! I was looking at a similar priced cars (Porsche Turbo, SL 500 AMG) but when I saw the Z8 in person, oh my, those curves, those headlights, the red interior (yes I am talking cars here), I had to have it.

    I finalized the deal on the X5 and the very next day I finalized the deal on the Z8 (after a spirited test drive!) !! Been in Love ever since. As others have noticed too, I have never had a car that I can't wait till the next drive. I have gone to the garage just to push the start button and hear the exhaust (even more frequent since adding the Eisenmann Exhaust!).

    Yes, just as others, drive it for the sake of driving. Tracking, occasional fun outing too. But more so, just fun fun fun to drive --- all 34,000 miles on my 2003.

    I agree with the idea that you should drive it-that is what it was built for. If you want a collector -- that is great too but if you can, get a second one to enjoy and as soon as I can, I will get one to just to collect (you know that Stratus/red combo is unbelievable!)

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    I voted #3: driving; but I also think the car will appreciate over time and I think my kids will appreciate that though I do drive it, I do take care of it. I don't track it, but thats not because I think its not a fun track car.