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Thread: 2011 535i Turbo Failure

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    2011 535i Turbo Failure

    I need help guys. I know this is off topic, but I don't know where else to turn. I'm a huge BMW fan, and my red/red-black 2002 Z8 has occupied a special place in my heart and my garage for ten years. But I've always had a second BMW to drive for everyday use. My last one went 250,000 miles before I traded it, so I have been driving my new 2011 535i for almost two years. After its first year we noticed a little whine from the turbocharger at 17,000 miles, and Baron BMW in KC said that was normal. The sound picked up in intensity through the summer, and suddenly the car began eating oil (nearly a quart per 100 miles!) over the recent Thanksgiving weekend. Not a drop on our garage floor. Baron has had the car ever since (three weeks!) and announced that it'll be ready for us to pick it up tomorrow, and that they have replaced the failed turbocharger. Oil fouled the plugs, so they plan to replace them as their final job before my wife picks it up.

    Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Should I be worried about damage to the engine? (We never let the oil level get too low as we waited to get into the shop and the engine never overheated). Should I request an extended warranty or am I just being too anal? Any thoughts?

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    For sure I'd ask for one, this seems like a really clear case of dealer fault, and their inability to find the fault should not mean the responsibility or consequence of their inability is shifted onto you.
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    I agree with Andrew. Do you have the dealer's first response that everything was normal in writing? If you do and they don't want to do some kind of extended warranty/ extended (in writing) promise of good will/ I would bring BMW NA into it.