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    Happy New Owner

    OK, I haven't actually seen the car yet, but I'm still happy. My search started only a couple of weeks ago, and I was prepared for a long journey. Then Marty Wiener contacted me,and things started moved quickly. He located a car for me in So Cal, did his thorough PPI on it, gave it a big thumbs up (with a list of to-do's, of course), and we closed the deal today.

    It's a 2001 silver/black. vin# 60695, with 9,600 miles. Just what I was looking for. Marty has already arranged to have it picked up and brought to his area shops for some "dialing in". No time wasted! I have never been so confident about a car that I have never seen. Marty is a consummate professional, passionate and knowledgable about these beautiful cars.

    I will come out to pick it up in January so I can get a little driving in before it gets put to bed for the winter back in Massachusetts. The plan is to drive to the Scottsdale auctions, and have it shipped home from there. I will be in the LA area starting January 12 for a few days, so I hope to get to meet some other Z8 members.

    As you all know, and I am learning, these are very special cars with some unique qualities. Without the guidance of this invaluable site, Marty, and others like Ken in TX, it could have been a risky venture. Is it January yet??


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    Welcome, and congratulations!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Congratulations on your purchase! The Z8 is a great driving experience that I'm sure you'll enjoy for years to come.
    My Best,


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    I am glad the timing worked out perfectly. With a little bit of TLC "very little" this will be a wonderful car. I love to be able to help someone's car dreams come true.

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    Great story, and a great way to kick-off ownership! Enjoy, and welcome

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    Fantastic and congratulations! Looking forward to hearing your first impressions. Welcome to the group.

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    Congratulations Dennis!!!! If you can do some driving out on the West Coast- do the drive up US 1. Its wonderful. And welcome to the group.

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    The Z8 will deliver on years of enjoyment, so don't be afraid to drive it.